Name: Nassuna Mariam


Age: 16
DOB: 12 June 1997
Grade: Senior 3 Boarding Student

Mariam’s mother was a prostitute working on the streets. Sometime after giving birth to Mariam, she became infected with AIDS. Upon discovering that she was infected, she realized that she was going to die and so she gave the child to her friend. Eventually, she died. Her friend looked after Mariam for some time until she, too, realized that she was HIV+ and so she took the girl to live with her relatives. This is where Mariam has been up until now. These relatives are Muslims. Since they have no birth relationship with Mariam, the father decided to use her for sex. Thanks be to God, however, his plan failed because he was afraid that his wife and children would realize what he was doing. We received the report on the girl and immediately went to rescue her. We are so thankful that none of his plans ever succeeded and the Lord protected her!

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