Okoa Babies



Name: Nsamba Steven Age: 2 years old Arrived at Okoa: 25 September 2013 His Story: Nsamba Steven is from a village called Nasaana. His mother passed away a month after he was born; he was left in the care of his father and grandmother. Though the father works sometimes as a builder in a village on the border […] Read more



Name: Kisaky Hanna Age: 6 months Arrived at Okoa: 25 August 2013 Her story: Hanna was brought to us by the woman who saved her life. This woman, we don’t actually even know her name, found Hanna and her mother one day sitting somewhere. She saw that Hanna was badly off and offered the lady to come and stay […] Read more



Name: Kalungi Shalwa Age: 2 yrs Arrived at Okoa: 5 August 2013 Her Story: Shalwa is the second most malnourished and sickly child that Okoa has ever taken in. She weighs about 12 lbs. and is HIV+ with TB. Her mother left home when she was only 15 years old, got pregnant, and dropped the […] Read more

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Name: Nakidde Brendah Age: 6 months Arrived at Okoa: 11 July 2013 Her Story: Brendah and her sister Stella were living in Kampala with their mother (their father is unknown). Recently their mother became somehow mentally ill and has been in and out of the psychiatric ward. Their grandfather who lives around Masaka found out about her situation and […] Read more