June 11, 2016

Tyler and Liv Workman

Tyler and Liv had very different lives growing up. Tyler lived in the same town his entire life and Liv had moved fourteen times by the age of twenty. By the grace of God, their paths crossed in October 2005 at a YWAM training school and they were married three years later.

Tyler’s first trip to Africa was when he was seventeen years old and went to Botswana with Global Expeditions. He spent a life-changing month in the bush and really felt inspired to return to Africa some day. All of his feelings were confirmed when, shortly after returning home, he learned about the Lord’s Resistance Army and their twenty-year reign of terror in Northern Uganda. From that moment, he knew he would be returning to Africa.

He qualified for his General Contractor’s license, but shortly after that, it became apparent that there was a different purpose for his life while they were still Stateside. From the ground up, he started the Thrift Store that was an irreplaceable source of income for the seven years it was open.

Liv lived with her family in Gabon, West Africa, as a child. Her dad was in the oil industry and so they moved around quite frequently. Africa imprinted on Liv’s heart and each and every major decision she made after returning home at age six has been with the knowledge that one day, again, she would be making Africa her home. In 2009 she graduated with her Bachelors Degree in nursing and worked for two and a half years as a registered nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at The Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville.

The Workman’s first daughter, Shamilah Michelle, was adopted from Uganda and came home on September 17, 2010. She was three years old. Their second child (though third in the birth order), Judah Sunshine, is a biological daughter and was born December 1, 2011. In December 2012 – after moving permanently to Uganda – they began fostering a little boy with no name. They named him Gideon Benaiah and his adoption was finalized January 9, 2014. Gideon’s birthday is May 17, 2009. Later that year, on June 6, 2014, Bear Abishai was born in Kampala, Uganda.

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