The Okoa Kids

Okoa's residential child care program is truly unlike any other. Children come to Okoa directly from the police, local hospital or the local government social welfare office. Each and every child is welcomed to Okoa and immediately integrated into the family. 

Though Okoa's children's home is incredible and our staff is passionate about the kids , we do not believe that any child should have to grow up in an orphanage. To that end, we work diligently to find permanent homes for each of our children. This means tracing relatives and resettling the child home or finding a domestic adoptive family.

Children who are resettled into their families are still followed up by Okoa staff. Their families receive some support from the organization, but the ultimate goal is to empower the families to reach a point of being able to provide for the kiddos themselves.


Okoa kids range in age from babies who are just hours old and up to young adults in college! Each child is cared for as an individual according to his/her needs. 

At Okoa, we believe that every child deserves the world! Okoa's goal is to help all of the children reach their full potentials...and to ensure that they know how loved, valued and precious they are along the way!

What does Okoa provide for the kids?



How do we provide for the kids?

This is where YOU come in!

Okoa Sponsorship

What do you give?

  1. Between $25 - $150 monthly

What do you get?

  1. Quarterly letters from your child

  2. To be a surrogate parent to a child who needs you

  3. Unconditional love from the child

  4. Picture updates

  5. A homemade Christmas gift

  6. To know that you are being prayed for on a daily basis

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