At a time when we are trying to get the best deal on the newest thing we "need" or "can't" live without, let's take a moment to think about all that we do have, how good we really have it, and how we may take the basics of life for granted ...

Okoa Refuge is a Non-Profit organization that has (since 2008) provided holistic care and community to rescued orphans, abused or abandoned babies that are left in hospitals, thrown in ditches, outdoor latrines or dumpsters in Uganda.

“We currently house 78 children”

Okoa offers them with everything they need in life (safety, medical care, food, clothes, beds, education, Biblical training, counseling, mentoring, livelihood skills, etc.). Providing them with a sense of normalcy, safety, health and restores the joy of being a kid for them.  While removing them from the devastating path of abuse, disease, exploitation, poverty, starvation and an early death.

So, this year, the biggest (and best) saving anyone could possibly do is to get involved in God's story of redemption and restoration of some of the most vulnerable, to save the life of a child through sponsorship at Okoa Refuge so that they may become all who God created them to be.

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“We can do more … with your help!

BOX 50014 | Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 | http://www.okoarefuge.org | +1 (904) 580-OKOA (6562)