Corporate Donation

YOU could give your tax money to Okoa Refuge rather than to the IRS? Let us tell you how…..Recently Okoa Refuge established an account with National Christian Foundation.
Every day the National Christian Foundation (NCF) helps generous givers simplify their giving, multiply their impact, and experience the joy of sending more to their favorite causes than they ever thought possible. NCF allows you to benefit from a lower tax burden and permits you to give more to the Kingdom. NCF is a private fund and is not available to the public. Upon opening a Giving Fund, you may donate assets into the fund by bank transfer, credit card online, mailing in a check or giving of appreciated assets like stocks, real estate, artwork, paintings and business interests, which NCF would liquidate for you. As the result of a much greater tax savings much more goes to the causes you care most about.

Give More by Giving Stock from National Christian Foundation on Vimeo.

NCF has made it simple for you to give to Okoa Refuge simply by transferring the funds from your NCF account to Okoa’s NCF account. It only takes a moment to make a generous donation to Okoa or any other charitable organization.  Contact Us

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