Gifts for Okoa Children

Thank you for your generosity in supporting your sponsored child! If you would like to bless your child with something a little extra, please look through our list and choose what you would like to purchase from the drop down menu below. You will receive a thank you letter and photo of your child with their gift!

Thank you so much! 

Backpack: $20

Clothes: $25

Art Supplies/Toys/Soccer Ball: $30

Shoes: $40

Goat (only for CEP and resettled children): $50

New Bedding (blanket, sheets, mattress as needed): $75

Sodas or Special Meal for Children's Home (only for Okoa Residential Children): $250

Children's Home Gift (email us at in order to get a list of our current needs. This could include a special outing, new play equipment, new furniture, restocking diapers in the baby home, providing vitamins to all the children, etc.): $250 and higher