The Philippi Project

The Philippi Project is an initiative focused on bringing women out of the sex trade or abusive situations and empowering them to live productive, fulfilling lives.

Okoa’s goal is that every woman would know and understand peace, joy, hope and who she was truly created to be.

Okoa believes that radical love combined with radical actions will lead these women to a freedom they have never known.

Phase 1 of the program involves counseling, Spiritual guidance and relationship building. The transitional phase will involve relocating the women into temporary housing. While living in the home, the women will receive trauma and substance abuse counseling and learn life skills and trades. Once the women achieve sobriety, she will be encouraged to bring her children back to live with her.

The goal of The Philippi Project is for women to be free from the chains that kept them on the street. No matter what the reason, the chains that tie them down cause brokenness, hopelessness and feelings of utter unworthiness.

The Philippi Project was created to break chains…to empower women…to restore children back with their mothers…and to bring vision, hope and love back into the lives of everyone who walks through our doors.

For only $200/mo you can support a woman leaving prostitution. Please select a monthly donation below to help break the chains of bondage, not just for one woman, but for her entire family!

We have Philippi Project shirts also available for sale! Click HERE to buy a shirt...all profits go directly to the project!

To make a general donation, please visit our donation page!