Finding Hope; Experiencing Freedom

The Philippi Project is Okoa's newest program. While it in no way was a new idea, it was imperative Okoa waited for the right time to pursue the hearts of the ladies involved in the sex trade here in Masaka.

Though in its beginning stages, the dream and vision for the Philippi Project is wide...and, thanks to some really generous donors, has already started to become a reality. If you would like more information on the program, please email 


Phase 1

While we wait for all of the funds to come through for construction, the ladies need a place to live.

Phase 1 partners will help cover the daily living costs, vocational training and rent at the temporary Philippi Housing. 


phase 2

Once the land is officially purchased, architectural plans will be drawn for all buildings. The buildings that will be housed on the ten acres include:

  • Halfway housing 
  • Transitional housing  
  • Prayer rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Staff housing
  • A craft shop
  • A bakery

phase 3

Phase 3 is the maintenance, long-term phase of the project.

Okoa will incur high monthly costs as the ladies learn a vocation and become independent. However, any cost is worth the freedom these women find once they join the Project!


celebrate women

Every woman - no matter her background or occupation - deserves to be celebrated. Philippi Partners are people who decide to join us as we celebrate the women who walk through our doors. The current cost is $400/mo per woman. This sends her kids to school, provides all of her daily needs, gives her vocational training, helps her discover her hobbies and teaches her to dream!