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amplify your impact…

for the Gospel…
in the lives of vulnerable children…
at okoa…
on the world…

join hands with your family
join hands with your coworkers and staff
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What is it

A year long campaign to raise money to expand Okoa’s orphanage. You can use a handcrafted Ugandan basket to collect your money or simply keep track on a customized Okoa notepad. Check out “How Will You Give” for more details on how to give your gift! The basket will serve as a reminder to you and your team to continue to fight for and pray for Okoa!

What’s in the basket?

All items in the basket were locally sourced in Uganda…they include: a notepad, pen, rubber bracelet and an Okoa sticker.

A few important stats

Since 2012, Okoa has been home to more than 190 children. Currently, only 96 children live at Okoa full time.

Okoa is able to follow up with families where Okoa kids have been resettled in order to ensure that the children are thriving in their homes.

This means that more than 50% of all Okoa kids are now in families.


Okoa’s children

Please understand that Okoa does not believe that any child should have to grow up in an institution. However, despite our best efforts, not every child can be resettled back with relatives or will be selected by foster or domestic adoptive parents. This means that Okoa will, indeed, be his/her home until he/she reaches adulthood.

Children are frequently abandoned at the local police station or social welfare office. During the period of time that it takes for Okoa’s social work staff to trace relatives (where possible) or work with relatives to create a safe and healthy environment for a child, the child must stay at Okoa. In addition, we have made a commitment to never turn away a child in need which means, on average, fifteen kids are referred to Okoa each year. This leaves us with an urgent need to expand both the baby home and the girl’s dormitory.

Will you stand with us as we seek to rescue and provide a home for every child who needs us?

levels of donation

*within 12 months*
Bronze Level: $1000
Silver Level: $1500
Gold Level: $2500
Hero: $5000
Champion: $10000

Click here to find out what you will receive at each level!

How much do we need?

In order to meet government regulations and provide housing for more children, we need $500,000 before November 1, 2020.

how will you give

When you register (or preorder) your basket, you will receive an email giving you the opportunity to set up a crowdfunding page. If you so choose, you can donate directly through this page and track your progress! No pressure to set it up if it’s not your thing!

You can also give online every day, week or month - or - you can send a check each month to Okoa.

We will be posting reminders on social media as well as sending out monthly reminder emails to our team!

Of note, only the person who actually makes the donation to Okoa will be able to receive a tax deduction.

join hands with your family

Initially this program was designed with families and parents in mind! We - at Okoa - are also parents and are always looking for ways to get our kids involved with the work we are doing. Once your basket is registered, you will receive regular emails with creative ideas on how to give and how to get your kiddos involved in the process! We pray that in raising money for our kids, even the lives of your kids will be changed forever!

Click here to order your basket today! There are only 500 of them and so get yours while they last! Each basket “costs” $5, but this small donation is what will help us get your information and add you into the system as a member of The Amplify Campaign!

join hands with your coworkers and staff

Are you employed? Are you a business owner?

Okoa Refuge has developed a way for businesses to get involved in our campaign through virtual baskets! Through a personalized webpage, your team can set its own fund raising goal, track progress and share it with others! Your page can even be live at work or linked to your website for your customers to give as they shop!

Click here to connect with our team and get your webpage launched today!

join hands with your friends

Are you a member of a small group? Are you interested in doing something to bring your friend group or disciple group even closer together? Raising money as friends is a super way to stand together and make a difference around the world! You could have a competition to see who can bring in the most money…set goals as a team and watch yourselves crush it!

Click here to order your basket today! There are only 500 of them and so get yours while they last! Each basket “costs” $5, but this small donation is what will help us get your information and add you into the system as a member of The Amplify Campaign! If you would like to do an Online Basket, please click here to connect with our team so we can get your page launched today!

Social Media!

Make sure you click the links below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and encouragement along the way. In addition, it’s crucial that you follow #impactamplified as it is how we will be tagging all of our posts! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or click the little envelope link below :)

Also, don’t forget to tag @okoarefuge and #impactamplified in your social media posts so we can follow along as you build an orphanage!