Kim Dal Porto

Dr. Kim Dal Porto is a practicing board-certified pediatrician with Carithers Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL. She has been caring for children and young adults for 26 years and deeply enjoys her career.  She used her medical knowledge in 6 medical missions trips to Rio De Janeiro and Costa Rica before leading a team in 2017 to launch a permanent clinic at Okoa Refuge, the House of Joy Hospital. Like all departments at Okoa, the hospital is staffed and run by talented Ugandan providers. She joined the Okoa Board in 2017 and currently holds the position of Board Chair, starting 2022. She has traveled to Okoa six times and has 3 sponsored children she loves to see. Her greatest passion is Okoa. Dr. Kim has enjoyed serving God in numerous children ministry roles over the years. She currently sits on the board of Bring Your Brokenness, a faith based non-profit that has started a residential treatment program for those who struggle with eating disorders. She is a member at the Church of Eleven22 and attends Northpoint Church online regularly. 


Dr. Kim has two children who are also physicians as well as four step sons. She enjoys traveling with her husband Jeff, and she loves to experience God in creation, from mountains to beaches to waterfalls. She has a heart for those who often feel left out of the church, with a desire for them to know God’s rich love.