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Founded in 2008, Okoa Refuge began as a home for children in need in Uganda. Our work has grown in response to the expressed needs of the communities we serve. In partnership with the local Church, Okoa Refuge exists to glorify Christ through stabilizing the family unit and transforming entire communities. Through our various ministries and partnerships with local churches, we empower independent communities, protect the vulnerable, and prioritize indigenous autonomy. We invite you to join us!


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Okoa Began with a Dream

It started with a simple dream to go to Uganda and build a home for children in need. Over time, different projects were added in direct response to what the communities suggested to meet their needs. What started as just a few children in a home expanded to transforming entire communities and reaching the unreached. Then and now, Okoa allows the truth and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to guide our work.

Picture of children in an Ugandan school smiling and sitting on a bench together in their school uniforms.


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