Reach and Rescue One More

Thank you for taking part in what Okoa is doing in Uganda & East Africa. We are so thankful for your generosity. Each of the buttons below are for specific items in our donation catalog. You will be redirected to our giving platform when you click the button.

If you’re new to Okoa, visit our What We Do page to learn more about our work.

Sponsor a Missionary

Support missionaries sharing the gospel throughout  Uganda.

For a Month For a Year

Bible Schools & Church Plants

Sponsor a School

Build a Church

Buy a Bible

Child Rescue Program

Help us care for children with urgent needs and connect them with relatives or local adoptive families for their long-term care.

Support a Child for 1 Year Support a Child for 1 Month

Gender Based Violence

Build a Shelter

Rescue a Survivor

Pay Court Fees

Fund an Arrest

Disability Program

Sponsor a Child

Physical Therapy

Buy a Wheelchair

Community Empowerment

Don’t just sponsor 1 child, sponsor development programs and activities for up to 50 families. The fact is, when you partner with us in Community Empowerment, the entire village benefits from it!

Sponsor a Month Sponsor a Year

House of Joy Hospital

At our House of Joy Hospital, thousands find hope and healing. Support that healing today.

Pay for a Minor Surgery Treat a Malnourished Baby

Drill a Well

Be a part of bringing the gift of clean water to a village in need!

Give Now

Keep Okoa Moving Forward

Buy a Vehicle

Buy a Motorcycle

Buy a Printer

Buy a Laptop

Buy a Desktop Computer

Buy a Tablet

Buy a Phone

Security Cameras

Laundry Facilities

Soccer Pitch Wall

Wood Stoves

Library Books

Fire Safety