Glorifying God, Wherever We Are Called

Through the help and generosity of our partners, we’ve expanded our reach throughout Uganda and neighboring countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, DRC, South Sudan, Sudan, Chad, Zanzibar, and Central African Republic. Our locations include a residential child rescue center, a hospital, gender-based violence shelters, churches, and Bible schools. We strategically establish our locations where there is the most need and potential for life-changing impact. We also have 8 missionaries and 3 TOP campuses but due to safety reasons, we cannot disclose these locations.

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  • Community Empowerment Centers (8)
  • Churches (234)
  • Bible Schools (0)
  • Child Rescue Center (1)
  • House of Joy Hospital (1)


If you think Okoa does a lot, you are right. What began as a dream to care for a few children became fuel to help bring transformation and stabilization to entire communities in partnership with the local Church. In all things, Okoa encourages indigenous autonomy. That’s simply a fancy way of saying that we recognize we don’t know everything or have all the answers. So we prioritize humility in meeting people where they are, to solve problems that they identify, with solutions they suggest.