Uganda Needs Your Prayers

While the population being primarily Christian is encouraging, the work is far from over in Uganda. The spiritual and physical needs of Uganda run deep—rampant poverty, violence, and human trafficking impact the lives of Ugandans every day. Here are some ways you can pray for the continued work of God to restore and redeem Uganda.

49 Million

Uganda’s estimated population as of 2023

2.5 Million

The number of orphans living in Uganda today


Reported human trafficking incidents

Pray for Faith

Ask God To:

• Make the faith of Ugandans more than just words or “cultural Christianity.” Pray that their faith is a genuine relationship with God and a true acceptance of the gospel message.
• Bring the gospel to those who have not heard the good news yet or to those who are a part of another religion, such as Islam or Hinduism.
• Strengthen the presence of the churches in Uganda. Pray that pastors will be good shepherds of their congregation and challenge them to live out their faith every day.

Pray for Self-Sufficient Communities


• Bring in jobs and learning opportunities for communities in poverty. Pray these opportunities will help the people become self-sufficient.
• Help these communities develop a hunger for acquiring new skills and cultivate a willingness to learn. Pray that they will find fulfillment in their work.
• Break the cycle of poverty. Pray that the children of these communities will have a better future thanks to the self-sufficiency of their parents and community.

Pray for Freedom from Slavery


• Give survivors the courage to find help or bring someone to them who will break them out of human trafficking. Pray for the victim’s protection.
• Enact justice on traffickers and abusers. Pray that they will feel the fear of the Lord and stop their wicked ways.
• Heal survivors. Pray that God will bring comfort to their hearts and that they will be made whole through God’s grace.

A Prayer for the Aringa

The Aringa people in Uganda are categorized as an unreached group, requiring external assistance for Christian outreach due to limited resources and local presence. They reside mostly in the northwest part of Uganda. Most work as hunters or farmers. Islam is very prominent in the Aringa people, and often, Christians are persecuted among the Aringa people.

Ask God to:

  • Prepare native missionaries to go and minister to the Aringa people. Pray that God may even provide the resources for the small population of Christians among the Aringa people to become native missionaries.
  • Strengthen the faith of the small population of Christian Aringa people. Pray that they will stand strong in the face of persecution and that they will not back down from their faith.
  • Soften the hearts of the Aringa people to the gospel. Pray that the Bible will be fully translated to their language, so that they may hear the gospel in their own native tongue.

Download the Prayer Guide

Uganda needs your support, so don’t stop your prayer journey here. We’ve created a downloadable resource for you to continue to pray for this nation. It contains additional prayer points and comes in a shareable PDF format you can share with your church or small group. Download it today!

Download the Prayer Guide