Serving Uganda's Vulnerable Children

Children of all ages come to Okoa’s Residential Child Rescue Center directly from the police, local hospital, or the local government social welfare office. Every child is immediately welcomed, and hope and restoration is made possible.

Our Rescue Center

Director Kintu and Manager Thomas lead a team of over 60 Ugandan staff. Together, the team develops individualized exit strategies for each child, prioritizing their health, safety, and nurturing.

We do not believe orphanages are the best option. Yet, the hard truth is for some children, it is the ONLY option – sometimes for a season, sometimes up to adulthood. (In fact, some children are court-ordered to be at Okoa for their own safety and protection.) From housing, meals, healthcare, daily needs, mentoring, and education, these children receive love and everything they need!

The goal is to help all of the children reach their full potential and to ensure they know how loved, valued, and treasured they are along the way!

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The Okoa Kids

Okoa kids range in age from babies who are just hours old and up to young adults in college! Each child is cared for as an individual according to his/her needs. 

At Okoa, we believe every child deserves the world! Okoa’s goal is to help all of the children reach their full potential…and to ensure that they know how loved, valued and precious they are along the way!

Serving Every Need

From basic nutrition and healthcare to fulfilling educational and spiritual needs, the team at Okoa are here to serve children with love and care.

How and why do kids come to the Okoa Rescue Center?

  • Babies thrown in latrines
  • Babies whose moms died in childbirth
  • Children in witness protection who are waiting to testify in court
  • Very sick and malnourished children who need specialized care and/or surgery
  • Babies of trafficking victims who are too young or are having too much trauma induced mental health issues. These are referrals from our GBV shelters and TOP Campuses. 
  • Neglected and abandoned babies and children
  • Children of convicted criminals who need a safe place to live so that they don’t face retribution from the victim’s relatives

How You Can Help

Your financial support equips our staff to provide a safe place & intentionally care for every child that comes through our doors with a holistic approach for however long they need it.

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