Helping Communities Flourish

Okoa’s Community Empowerment Programs (CEPs) use local churches to care for the most under-resourced families in a community. Oftentimes, the children of these communities have little to no opportunity to attain an education, due to poverty. Since the launch of CEPs in 2013, more than 1,000 families have been reached. Each CEP provides educational support, skill/vocation development, and spiritual and psycho-social support.

Where We Serve

There are currently eight CEP centers throughout Uganda: Kayirikiti, Kabulasoke, Kaswa, Kayonza, Kitabi, Binikiriro, Kyewanula, and Kagoyegoye.

How Our Program Works

  1. Okoa plants a church in a community.
  2. A baseline survey is done in the community to determine needs.
  3. The neediest families are enrolled in the program and receive support such as school fees, meals, counseling, skill training, spiritual growth, and more.
  4. The entire village is invited to join community development programs hosted by the newly planted church and the entire community is empowered.
  5. Sponsors like you join hands with our CEPs to see all of this accomplished!

It Takes a Village

With dedicated teams of volunteers, parents, local church staff, and Center Coordinators for each location, CEPs work diligently to support children and families. Without a doubt, the love of Jesus is poured out throughout each community.

Investing in CEPs is an incredible way to empower future generations of disciples. It is orphan prevention – God’s way!

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