The Problem

Right now, there are tens of thousands of women and children being trafficked across Uganda. As both a source and destination country for human trafficking, the victims range from infants to adults. In addition, many more suffer under conditions of domestic abuse and oppression. With often nowhere to turn, the cycle has been repeated for years. For generations, this violence has continued. Due to past governmental corruption, the fight to eradicate such injustices has stagnated… until now.

Our Mission

In partnership with the Ugandan government, Okoa Refuge’s Gender-Based Violence shelters are working to eradicate human trafficking and gender-based violence in our lifetime. What started as one shelter in Masaka, has now grown to five shelters that each serve thousands of people every year. Through strategic partnerships with churches and organizations all around the world, we are able to equip local operators (lawyers, law enforcement, social workers, special military forces) to carry out investigations, rescues, and prosecutions. We are actively replicating this justice-focused movement until we have a presence in every one of Uganda’s 130 districts- will you join us and help put an end to human trafficking?

Our Method

We work in conjunction with the police and state attorney’s office in order to investigate, make arrests, and follow cases through the courts. We provide holistic care to victims of trafficking and violence through our shelters, our House of Joy hospital, the Tebow Okoa Philippi (TOP) campuses, and our Child Rescue Center. Our social workers provide ongoing support and also engage in community mediation to settle disputes and provide education.

How Do We Do All Of This Effectively?

  • We use holistic and individualized care plans for every survivor.
  • We take a survivor-first approach to healing.
  • We understand that healing must occur on many levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.
  • We encourage mediation and family reunification.
  • We fight for justice within the courts when necessary.
  • We don’t back away from difficult cases or cower to corrupt officials.
  • We stand for what’s right, no matter what.

What makes Okoa unique?

Our Presence

Okoa Refuge is the only NGO in Uganda with nationwide operational approval to carry out research, reconnaissance, operations, and arrests in the area of anti-trafficking and gender-based violence. This is due to our ability to build strong partnerships and attain impressive results. We have a seasoned and strong relationship with the Ugandan government.

Our Partners

From the moment we get brought in on a case (and oftentimes before), we have an expert partner involved. Through our partnership with the Sentinel Foundation, we are able to carry out anti-trafficking operations on a large scale. At our TOP campuses in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation, we are able to provide long-term survivor care to those rescued.

Our Processes

Our success has not been accidental. We have invested heavily into creating SOPs and manuals which contribute to the fast and effective replication of our GBV shelters, ensuring our impact is measured and maximized. We are laser-focused on creating the framework to achieve our goal of eradicating human trafficking and gender-based violence in Uganda in our lifetime.

The Need

In order to operate our Gender-Based Violence shelters effectively, each shelter costs $6,250 per month. This number includes all expenses: including staffing, legal counseling and followup, court costs, and community outreach. It also includes all expenses incurred during investigations, arrests, and covert operations.

The opportunity to expand this movement is truly uncapped. As we look to multiply, each GBV Shelter will cost $75,000 to establish. There are 130 districts in Uganda, all in need of the services rendered through our Gender-Based Violence shelters. You can be a part of rescuing thousands and putting an end to human trafficking and violence across Uganda and beyond.

When you partner with us as an Okoa Refuge Sentry, you are taking a stand and saying “Not on Our Watch.” Are you ready to join this fight with us?