Informal Education at the Okoa Rescue Center

How do we run informal education with the Okoa Children?

At Okoa, we strive to give every child a well rounded childhood. Education through the school system is only one part. Informal education is the kind of skill focused education which does not have the same structure that formal schools have as children of all ages can work together to learn these life skills. 

We are grateful to Okoa refuge management that has sponsored all the informal education activities as detailed below.

Crocheting, Knitting, and Tailoring

We teach our children knitting and specifically how to make bags and scuffs. This is done by making pieces of needle work by looping threads with a hooked needle. The needle work consists of the interlocking of looped stitches formed with single thread and a hooked needle. 


Wood working is a huge industry in Uganda. It is wonderful for our children to have the experience to open up future job opportunities and build their skills. Our staff are great at bringing in local builders to teach and work with the children. The children enjoy making various items.

Computer lessons
We begin by setting some ground rules of internet use. Okoa’s staff teaches the children computer basics first according to their age groups. We teach the little ones mostly through games and the older ones do different activities on the computers.


A favorite for all the Okoa children is baking, and it supports children’s development. Baking can tap into a child’s motivation and promote the development of learning, play, life skills, motor skills and social skills. Our favorite recipes include chapati and bread locally known as donati and pancakes.

Shoe repair 

Due to the rough roads and pathways in Uganda, shoe repair is an important skill as shoes often get damaged. Shoe repair is led by the social workers. We always ask one of our social worker to teach our children how to mend and repair all types of shoes. We teach our children practically how to tie their shoelaces faster.

Conclusively, our social workers make great effort to teach different life skills that help build the children up to be well rounded individuals. We keep on practicing with the children until they learn different skills as a form of our informal education at Okoa Rescue Center and our Community Empowerment Programs.

Adapted from an article from Okoa’s Staff, social worker Ngadire Christine. 

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