The Tebow Okoa Philippi Project

The Tebow Okoa Philippi (TOP) Project is an initiative focused on bringing women out of the sex trade, human trafficking and abusive situations, then empowering them to live productive, fulfilling lives.

We believe in restored hope, restored joy, restored life and restored dreams.

About TOP

In January 2021, a partnership was formed between Okoa Refuge and the Tim Tebow Foundation. This partnership became a joint venture into what are now the Tebow Okoa Philippi Campuses. We are so excited for an even greater opportunity to walk with these women and young girls as they journey to freedom.

TOP’s goal is that every woman would know and understand peace, joy, love and hope. We believe through love and mentoring each woman will discover who she was created to be. 

The Philippi Project started with two Bible studies each week in one of the well known brothels in town. Women come and learn about Jesus, receive prayer and build positive relationships. Readiness to transition to the TOP Campus depends on the woman and her commitment to changing her future. 

Once transition takes place, she receives more in depth counseling and Bible study, mentoring and vocational training. TOP walks closely and personally with each woman to ensure that her transition is smooth and successful!

Campuses are equipped with both residential and transitional housing for up to 35 brave survivors from Okoa’s gender-based violence shelters, including their children! TOP not only provides housing, but also provides discipleship, vocational training, and ongoing counseling for its residents. A woman graduates from the project once she is ready to support herself and has the confidence to face life independently! 

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