Many Christian humanitarian organizations in Africa seek to spread the love of Christ by meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of African communities. We want to highlight some of these great organizations and how their work is making an impact and changing lives for the people of Africa. 

Okoa Refuge

Picture of Okoa Refuge logo.

We may be a little biased, but we think Okoa Refuge is a fantastic outreach organization making an impact in Uganda. Our mission is to glorify Christ through stabilizing the family unit and transforming entire communities through partnership with local churches. 

We have several branches in which we serve in our mission to bring radical love and redemption to the Uganda communities. These include:

  • Child Rescue and Support 
  • Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Recovery
  • Community Development
  • Bible Schools
  • Indigenous Missions

Our team understands that self-sufficient communities require community development, child support, access to medical care and education, Biblical guidance and understanding, shelter from gender-based violence, and local churches at the center. 

Through our supporters, we’ve planted 750 churches in Uganda, rescued over 550 children (with 120 residing at our Rescue Center currently), built 102 Bible schools, sent missionaries to unreached people groups, and with your help, we’ll do even more. 

Impact Africa

Impact Africa Logo

Impact Africa’s mission is to invoke personal relationships with Jesus Christ through their three pillars: serve, educate, and rescue. Their work is focused in South Africa where they offer long- and short-term mission trips, provide access to education for underprivileged children and high school students, prevent and home abandoned or orphaned babies, and save the souls of South Africans through evangelism. Their impact in African communities is far-reaching with over 750,000 people ministered to, over 4,000 graduates from their preschool program, and 148 abandoned babies rescued.


Tearfund works with local churches in more than 50 countries—22 of these being African countries—to end extreme poverty. Their mission is to “follow Jesus where the need is greatest, responding to crises and partnering with local churches and organizations to help people lift themselves out of poverty.” To help tackle a complex situation like poverty, they focus on three main issues: humanitarian response, community development, and advocacy and influence. Through their diligent and prayerful work, just within the last year, they’ve helped 1.6 million people through emergency response, reached 1.3 million people through community development, and mobilized with 23,300 local churches.

Compassion International 

Compassion International Logo

While Compassion is an international outreach organization, their impact on Africa is undeniable. Compassion’s mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name through sponsorships. Children across the world, including African children, are selected by Compassion to be in their child sponsorship program. At the Compassion care centers, these children have all their needs met through their sponsors. From health and food needs to continued education, Compassion children and their families are able to break the cycle of poverty through the generosity of Compassion’s supporters. Compassion also allows sponsors to write letters to their sponsored child, allowing direct involvement with the child’s life and development.

Ethiopia ACT

Ethiopia Act logo


Founded in 2002 under SIM Ethiopia, Ethiopia ACT began as a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, offering support to impoverished families. Evolving beyond its origins, the charity now implements diverse public health strategies, alongside educational and psychological aid, to serve the wider community of Addis Ababa. With a multicultural team at its core, Ethiopia ACT passionately strives to enact innovative solutions that foster measurable improvements in health, income, and community relationships.

Heart for Africa

Heart for Africa logo

Heart for Africa, is a faith-based humanitarian organization serving the the Kingdom of Eswatini, Africa. Focused on addressing Hunger, Orphanhood, Poverty, and bolstering Education, it stands as a steadfast ally in uplifting the nation.

Situated in southern Africa, Eswatini grapples with significant challenges. With the world’s highest HIV rate and over 200,000 orphans, compounded by recent severe drought exacerbating food insecurity, poverty and disease afflict the population. Heart for Africa serves to provide aid and and promote community resilience. In the face of adversity, it remains a beacon of hope, working towards a brighter future for Eswatini.

Tim Tebow Project

Tim Tebow Foundation Logo

The Tim Tebow Project’s mission is to “bring Faith, Hope, and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need” and fight for the most vulnerable people throughout the world, including the people of Africa. They fight and protect vulnerable people through their four branches of providing orphan care and prevention, organizing a special needs ministry, helping with profound medical needs, and joining the fight for anti-human trafficking and child exploitation. Here at Okoa Refuge, we’re proud to have partnered with the Tim Tebow Project as a nonprofit organization in Uganda. Our partnership helped rescue and shelter at-risk women and victims of gender-based violence. The fight against human trafficking is far from over, but we’re grateful for the Tim Tebow Project’s continued support of our mission and their impact on African countries through their own work. 

Join an Outreach that Helps Uganda through Okoa Refuge

With all the great work these different Christian outreach organizations are doing, we hope that you find in your heart to help support the work being done in Africa. 

If you want to help support Okoa Refuge as a part of this, there are several ways for you to give. Firstly, we ask you to join a prayer team for us. Prayer is powerful and goes a long way for our team and the people we help. If you want to support a child from one of our rescue centers, you can join a child’s care team and send them funds to help support their education and development. Lastly, you can become a monthly supporter and have your donation go to all the branches of Okoa. 

Whatever you decide, we’re grateful for your heart for the people of Africa and your support of Christian outreach organizations throughout the world.

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